Sealed Area Beneath Raided Clinton Foundation Warehouse Described As A ‘Torture Chamber’ By FBI

The FBI served a warrant on a warehouse outside of Springfield this morning and discovered something terrifying. A sealed room in the basement could only be described as a “torture chamber,” according to lead investigator Alex Stadenko:

“Imagine a medeival tunnel system and block wall dungeon built directly undernesath a state of the art warehouse facility. It was built to look and feel like a dungeon. This can only be described as a torture chamber.”

It isn’t clear if the chamber was there when the building was erected 11 years ago or if it was added:

“If this was put here recently, somebody lives in a sick, deranged fantasy world of pure evil.”

Stadenko says there was no immediate sign that the room had been used recently but that there were signs of pooled blood beneath what he described as a “rack” and dried feces and bodily fluids in a corner that looks worn down by a mattress long since removed:

“What we need is a complete ground-penetrating radar scan. With what obviously went on here, we’d be surprised if there wasn’t some evidence buried here, if even by a victim. Of course, putting a warehouse on top of it could have been to literally cover it up forever, but why keep access? There’s a stairwell from the office to the tunnels and dungeon ┬ábehind a door sealed from the inside.”

It sounds like Bill wanted to be able to go visit his old stomping grounds, doesn’t it? We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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