Police Detain Hundreds Of Mexicans Headed To Houston To Squat In “Abandoned Houses”

Gaggles of Mexican “refugees” were stopped and detained by Police just south of Houston earlier today just hours before they would have reached the city and changed it forever. According to Lt. Commander James McVincent of ICE, more than 400 illegals were looking to exploit an old law about Texas and abandoned housing:

“Back in the frontier days, Americans would expand their lands to include land commonly referred to as ‘Mexico.’ Sometimes they were driven off the land or decided to move on, so an agreement was reached with the Mexican government that would allow their citizens to re-claim the territory as sovereign Mexican land.

The treaty and the law still exist, having never been rescinded. Had these people reached Houston, it very well could have reverted back to a province of Mexico.”

ICE has the people detained on suspicion of illegal entry into the US. Simply being here isn’t a crime, but since none have green cards it shouldn’t be hard to send them back where they came. Meanwhile, Texas lawmakers are struggling to close the loophole before flooded border towns begin turning green and red like the Mexican flag.

President Trump has vowed to send the National Guard if Texas “doesn’t get its sh*t together and solve the problem itself.”

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