BREAKING: Obama’s 17-Year-Old Son In Kenya Arrested For Terrorism

Breaking news out of Kenya this afternoon: A 17-year-old boy who was arrested for conspiring with terrorists, has shown irrefutable proof that he is the son of none other than traitor to the Republic, Barack Obama. The boy’s mother, Shakala¬†Mumosa, confirmed that Barack Obama, former president, is the father of her son:

“I have the birth certificate signed by him and a picture of him holding his son. I also have copies of every single support check he ever sent. My son is his son.”

The boy, whose name is Osama Mumosa, has lived his entire life in the village Obama and his father were born in. Her child is the result of an arranged marriage agreement gone wrong when Obama moved to Hawaii, never to return, at 9-years-old. The girl’s family demanded retribution or they¬†would petition the tribal elders to expel the Obama family forever.

Obama agreed to give her a son, send her the money and never see her again. According to Mumosa, the agreement was kept secret, even from Michelle:

“He said she could never find out. Islam doesn’t allow artificial insemination. He had to do the deed himself. He was in Kenya for nearly 4 months trying 18 years ago. We nearly fell in love.”

That explains why Michelle…and the world…could never know. To complete a contract is one thing. To return to your homeland after never returning again to have a 4-month affair is unforgivable.

The boy is being held without bail. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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