BREAKING: Muslim Mayor That Cancelled Christmas Assassinated

Blairsville, Michigan Mayor Rashad al Hadat has been shot and killed amid a controversy over Christmas. Al Hadat had issued a decree that there would be no Christmas decorations “within view of the public” allowed in the small suburb of Dearborn this year.

Christian 3rd and 4th generation Americans from the town, who make up less than 47% of the population due to Muslim refugees and breeding, have begun petitions and lawsuits across the legal spectrum. Now, with al Hadat gone, the path to rescinding his executive action will lie with a special election:

“The residents will need to come out and vote for mayor. We expect that this time, with the entire minority block so energized to see something done, that we will have a Christian back in office in no time.”

The town has never had a Muslim mayor before al Hadat, who won the office by 11 votes:

“Most of the residents who were citizens stayed home. they couldn’t fathom that enough people would vote for a Muslim. Now they’re realizing that while they may be a minority of the population of Blairsville, they are the vast majority of legal, voting citizens.”

It’s sad that a man died. His views were extreme. Police have too many suspects to even begin to consider questioning people. You can’t mess with Christmas and have God’s children not take vengeance on you for it as he would.

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