BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Warehouse Raided By Federal Task Force

A small warehouse outside of Manetaqua, New York, owned and operated by The Clinton Foundation, was raided this morning by a federal task force. The team included agents from the FBI, DEA and ATF. Homeland security secured a perimeter and the local police diverted traffic.

ATF Commander LeeAnne Perrins says the warehouse was targeted after an anonymous tip to local police said they could smell something “rotting” nearly 500 yards away:

“We could smell it as soon as we got close. The smell of a body is unmistakeable. We decided to form a force to cover anything we might find, considering what happened with the cargo ships from this same charity.”

Perrins says they found a room beneath the warehouse that looks like it was climate controlled until a short killed power to it:

“The room is barricaded from the inside and we don’t have a concrete way in yet, but what we do know is there is now power and whatever the smell is, it’s coming from inside.”

The FBI has a specialist coming to safely open the door without damaging the evidence inside. They estimate having some answers within a few hours. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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