BREAKING: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Files Charges Against Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner has been charged with treason and fraud by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. His ties to the Russian mafia, unknown to President Trump or his daughter, are what Sessions calls “undeniable.”

“The left will call this evidence of collusion. It is not. It is evidence that Jared Kushner, outside of the scope of his position as a White House advisor, made a lopt of money smuggling drugs and trafficking in young girls. It’s sad but true. Nobody is above the law.

President Trump and his daughter are refusing to comment, but Kushner’s lawyers say he is ready to fight these “bogus charges”:

“Mr. Kushner has done nothing wrong. Period.”

That settles it in the hearts and minds of most Trump supporters. Our guys aren’t crooked. Kushner is obviously being set up.

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