When Liberals Whine About Trump Pardoning Joe Arpaio, Remind Them Who Obama Pardoned

Now THIS is a dangerous criminal!

President Trump recently used his power to pardon for the first time, making sure that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio would not go down because of  the liberal smear campaign against him.

In his efforts to keep America safe, Arpaio looked slightly closer at people who fit the description of illegal immigrants – that is to say, brownish skin and Mexican-sounding names. While liberals did all they could to make sure he went down for this, even enlisting our corrupt court system to once again attack a conservative, their plan failed. Arpaio is and will remain a free man.

When the Left decides to bitch and moan about Trump using his powers for good, remind them that not only did Barack Hussein Obama pardon thousands of criminal drug dealers and make our streets less safe but he also pardoned this man:

Don’t let that smile fool you. It’s attached to a man named Rafiq Amari. See that little boy in the photo? That’s his son, Salim. Salim probably wanted to grow up to be a doctor or a police officer or to continue breathing, but Amari had different ideas.

In 2001, before Amari immigrated from Pakistan, he strapped a bomb to little Salim and told him to walk into a market. The little boy, not knowing any better, listened. This is a photo that was taken just before Salim’s life was ended along with 27 others in a fiery explosion at the Takalahakalaka Market on June 20 of that year:

Rafiq and Marsala Amari moved to the United States in 2003. He doesn’t have any gruesome child murders on his record in the United States, but he was busted for the “nonviolent” crime of selling heroin to more than 100 people, including high school kids.

In 2015, he was inexplicably given a full pardon by Barack Obama along with numerous other hardened criminals who have suffered enough because they were spending time in prison for their crimes.

Marsala Amari moved back to Pakistan in 2012, and it is assumed that Rafiq joined there after his release. We say “assume” because no one really knows. He disappeared.

I’ll take someone who occasionally asked a Mexican for a driver’s license over him any day.

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