Voter Fraud Investigation Reveals 4.3 Million Clinton Votes To Be FAKE, She Lost The Popular Vote


Liberals have been screaming about President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission for quite some time, and we now know the reason. You know how they constantly say that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote? It turns out that theory just went up in smoke because once again Donald Trump was right.

The investigation turned up just shy of 4.3 million votes that are invalid because they were cast by illegal immigrants with stolen social security numbers, people who voted multiple times, unregistered voters, and dead people.

“This is a vindication of what Donald Trump has said from day one,” said vice President Mike Pence, who leads the¬†Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. “Hillary Clinton lost the popular vote.”

With the alleged gap between Clinton and Trump being just about 2.8 million votes, the new numbers place Trump as the winner by a landslide.

Leftists are quick to dismiss ¬†Republicans’ very correct claims that Democrats are manipulating the system to cheat in candidates, but we now have proof they can’t deny. ¬†Hillary Clinton lost in every conceivable way.

Next time you see a liberal whining that career criminal Hillary Clinton “won,” show them this as proof that Americans voted overwhelmingly to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

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