Trump Breaks His Silence On Clinton Kidnapping: ‘We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists’

President Trump made it abundantly clear today that Hillary Clinton made her own bed and brought her husband, Bill, with her:

The Clintons were first reported missing yesterday morning:

BREAKING: Clinton Disappearance Not A Hoax-State Dept Gets Ransom Video

Today the state department received another video along with what has been positively identified as Bill Clinton’s ring finger:

State Department Gets New Ransom Video For Bill And Hillary Clinton-And A Finger

This latest development pretty much seals the deal for the “power couple” now sitting powerless in some hut in the South American jungle waiting to lose their heads…literally.

Chelsea Clinton is supposedly working feverishly to raise a half a billion dollars by 4 PM local time. It’s not looking good. The terrorists are most likely in South America, which is 5 hours behind.

Thoughts and prayers for the safe return of the Secret Service agents lost when the Clintons were taken in New York. Surely they weren’t to┬áblame for any of the ruthless acts that made the criminals they escorted such desirable targets.

We’ll keep this story updated as news comes in. It doesn’t look like Trump will be coming to the rescue, so we should be seeing this story going places later today.

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