TREASON: North Korea Bought 12 Missiles From Hillary Clinton While She Was Secretary Of State

The Obama administration sanctioned the sale of a dozen intercontinental┬áballistic missiles to the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, according to a new report released by Trey Gowdy’s committee. In the report, Clinton signs off on the sale “with exception taken for some guidelines.”

Those guidelines, which were meant to soften North┬áKorea’s impact on the world as a nuclear power, included restrictions on where they could fire the weapons and under what circumstances:

The missiles shall be used for defensive purposes only and never as a first strike. They shall not carry anything larger than a 10 kiloton conventional warhead. They are tested and guaranteed by the United States government and should therefore never be “tested.” They will never be used as a sign of aggression against a neighboring country.

Pyongyang broke every single one of those rules with the exception of the nuclear payload, which is entirely possible. Nobody seems to want to consider that the shot at Japan wasn’t a show of strength…maybe he missed.

President Trump hasn’t released a statement but Trey Gowdy is vowing to get to the bottom of how our own State Department could possibly have sold nuclear-capable long range missiles to a rogue nation.

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