Toby Keith Just Made Liberal Heads SPIN With His Remarks About Trump


Legendary country music artist Toby Keith isn’t exactly popular with liberals because of his “patriot” vibe, but he probably just ruined any chances he had of ever having a liberal fan for the rest of his career when he spoke up for free speech and did what the mainstream media won’t do — condemned liberal terrorists.

“You know, President Trump’s been catchin’ a lot of flack for speaking out against violence on both sides, but I think he’s right,” Keith said at a small show in Alabama Thursday evening to raucous applause. “Why shouldn’t he say something about the terrorist group that calls themselves Antifa? They’re just as bad if not worse than the Klan.”

Ever since President Trump condemned antifa at the same time as he condemned white supremacists after a road rage murder occurred at one of their events, liberals have been once again calling him a “Nazi.”

If you ask me, anyone who calls him a Nazi is a Nazi. Which of the two is trying to suppress free speech through slanderous statements?


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