Steve Bannon Turns On Trump, Offers to Testify Before Congress


President Donald Trump made a big mistake in caving to the globalist Democrats demanding he be fired because they falsely say he’s a white supremacist.

Now, back at Breitbart, Bannon has one goal: to destroy the President. But he’s not going to do it with the popular conservative publication. Instead, he is going to testify before Congress.

It’s unclear if Bannon actually knows anything that could hurt the President, but sources close to Mr. Bannon say he will make it “as painful as possible for that traitor.”

Breitbart news declared “WAR” on President Trump after Bannon’s termination was announced, with a senior editor responding to Bannon’s ouster with a single-word tweet that managed to tank the stock market (according to CNBC).

It’s still unclear why Bannon was fired, but it seems to be “red meat” for the liberals who wanted our President to prove he’s not a racist after the Charlottesville road rage attack.

In these trying times, it’s important to remember that even the worst day with President Trump is better than the best day under Obama or Clinton.

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