Screw White Guilt: Driver Shows BLM Protesters Why It’s A Bad Idea To Block The Street

A man just trying to get his little girl off to summer camp was stopped for more than an hour this morning when BLM protesters, outraged that police in Segentelton, Wisconsin, just outside of Green Bay, shot and killed a black man whose only crime was shooting five cops and trying to shoot a sixth.

Roger Willenhelm, 42, says his only crime was being white and driving a nice car:

“I told them that they were scaring my little girl and that if they didn’t get out of the way I would go through them, since they left me no option to simply back out and go around. They refused, she said ‘Daddy please’ and that was that. If I hurt people they can explain why it’s OK to traumatize my little girl because a mass murderer is dead.”

Willenhelm is going to be charged with reckless driving and that’s about it. Given the circumstances, he’ll probably pay a fine and be done with it.

Let this be a lesson to all those BLM “protesters” out there. This is no joke.

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