Sasha Obama Expelled From Exclusive DC School On Her 3rd Day Back

Sasha Obama was expelled from the exclusive Rolesworth¬†Academy in Washington, DC Wednesday for beating another student so badly he had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. According to authorities, there’s a possibility she could actually be charged with assault.

The school’s Dean of Students, Charles Picard, said in a statement that the kind of violence displayed by Ms. Obama is intolerable for any reason:

“The boy who was injured definitely instigated the confrontation. According to witnesses, he called Sasha a n*gger and a whore. When she tried to walk away, he put his hands on her. That’s when she used her martial arts skills to defend herself…at first.

The problem is, she wouldn’t stop. She was heard saying, ‘who’s a n*gger now?’ as she hit him with another well-practiced roundhouse. In the end the boy was sent to the hospital with a shattered cheek bone and nose and a bruised kidney.”

The punch to the kidney came first, completely disabling the boy. What came next was described as “a bloodbath.” This girl obviously knows no discipline. Martial arts is supposed to be about control. All she proved is that she has no business being such a lethal weapon.

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