‘Refugee’ Tries To Attack A Vulnerable White Woman, Quickly Realizes His Mistake


A Muslim “refugee” from Somalia who liberals will tell you was fleeing the violence in South America crossed our southern border last year and was allowed to stay as part of Barack Obama’s “f*ck it, I’m not going to be President next year anyway” amnesty program. This turned out to be a huge mistake because it seems that this 38-year-old “child” (the liberal media tells us they’re all children, right?) is less of the “fleeing violence” sort and more of the “try to rape someone in broad daylight” type instead.

Sandy Shoals, Michigan resident Sandy McLaughlan was minding her own business and walking down the street one evening last week when a man later identified as Muhammad al-Allah Mohammad grabbed her and tried to pull her into the bushes to rape her.

Fortunately, McLaughlan was carrying her trusty .45 and managed to shoot her attacker in the leg. The sound of the gunshot got the attention of people in the area who rushed to her aid, kicking and punching Mohammad as he lay on the ground. One man even brought a baseball bat to the party.

Fortunately, the intended victim was not harmed but Mohammad spent three days in intensive care and has three broken ribs and a fractured kneecap. He is also going to be deported as soon as he heals – not back to South America, but to his home hellhole of Somalia.

Let this be a lesson to Muslims: While rape may be OK under Sharia Law, it is not OK under American law.

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