BREAKING: Malia Obama’s Muslim Weed Dealer Sent Money To ISIS

It just keeps getting worse. Recently, former “First Daughter” and disgrace to America Malia Obama was busted buying six pounds of marijuana from a Chicago drug dealer who coincidentally was released from prison in 2015 as part of her father’s clemency program that put hundreds and hundreds of “nonviolent” drug dealers back on the streets.

Samuel B. Johnson, who converted to Islam during his time in prison and had his name legally changed to Rahim al-Rahim, reportedly used money from his drug sales to funnel more an 1.6 million dollars to ISIS.

From Fox News:

Rahim al-Rahim was very quickly back to work after his release, taking over the Chicago drug trade within months through brutal methods normally reserved for crime films.

According to FBI spokeswoman Becky Brannington, he purchased a small coin-operated laundry service and used that to mask transactions with an overseas account associated with the Islamic State that is used to fund terrorism.

The FBI and other agencies were preparing to bust him when Malia Obama happened to walk in for a massive drug deal for a “seller’s amount” of marijuana and edibles.

She is about to begin her first year at Harvard, where such things would be in demand.

Six pounds is a lot of weight for even most college drug dealers.

Is Malia Obama part of more than just a little bit of drug dealing? At best, she stumbled on to a major operative for ISIS who was using drug money to supply them with what they need to carry out terrorist attacks.

At worst, she’s part of it.

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