Michelle Obama Is Running For President Against Trump

She's going to lose worse than Hillary.

According to documents filed with the FEC, Michelle Obama wants to give Americans more of what they don’t want: four more years of an Obama White House.

Yes, the architect of a school lunch program so terrible that kids threw away their meals and went hungry rather than eat them wants to bring more of her great ideas to America.

“We need a person of color to run if we want any hopes of winning,” Obama spokesman Bert Lefergee said in a statement on Tuesday. “And based on polls, having an extremely popular First Lady like Michelle Obama run is a good investment.”

Perhaps Lefergee is overestimating Michelle Obama’s value both as a leader and a human being. In her husband’s eight excruciatingly long years as President, the most she accomplished was tweeting a hashtag (#BringBackOurGirls) when a bunch of kids were kidnapped by a brutal terrorist group. Neither she nor her husband actually did anything to help because they don’t care about anyone but themselves.

Perhaps Lefergee is hoping that blacks will turn out to vote for Moochelle like they did for her husband but after eight years of him doing nothing for the black community that is doubtful.

At this point, I’d say it’s probably more likely for a Hillary Clinton win to happen, and that’s saying a lot given how badly she lost to our President Trump.

Obama plans to start campaigning in November.




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