Malia Obama Dropped From Her Record Label After Weed Arrest

Her music career is over before it ever began.

Malia Obama’s problems just keep getting worse after  she was arrested buying six pounds of marijuana from a drug dealer in Chicago.

Back in July, it was announced that the Obamas’ eldest daughter had signed a one-album deal with Emerald Marmoset Records, a high-profile rap label.

The Obama daughter was scheduled to begin recording her first track next week, but the label abruptly canceled, citing a policy that prohibits talent from working if they are facing charges for or convicted of a felony.

Planned tracks for the album included With Her, Indestructible, Daddy Please, Kronik, and Five Dollars.

“If she can get clear of her charges, we’ll be more than happy to have her,” a spokeswoman for Emerald Marmoset said Thursday morning. “She’s otherwise very marketable.”

Obama was recently suspended from Harvard following her arrest, but her suspension was overturned after the school president received a personal phone call from her father.

She has been caught on camera drunk or on drugs multiple times in the past year.

It’s good to see that the Obamas are no longer being given a pass now that Barack is no longer president. Eight years of that bullshit was enough.

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