Liberal Cop Loses His Job After Calling The ‘Blacks For Trump’ Guy A ‘House N*****’


Liberals love to tell you how much “BLACK LIVES MATTER” but that’s only until a black does something they don’t like.

Many of you have seen the patriotic Christian African-American who comes to Trump’s rallies to hold his “blacks for Trump sign” as well as the thousands like him across the country.

When Sartre, Ohio police deputy Mike “Stonewall” Jones – who is also black – saw the Blacks for Trump man at a rally in Phoenix, he angrily posted on Facebook,

Why this n*gga gotta be supporting a robe-wearing motherf*ckin’ Klansman ass orange motherf*cker? F*cking house n*gger, man. That’s all he is.

Angry residents called the Sartre Unified Police department until ultimately an investigation was launched into Deputy Jones’ conduct.

“The Sartre Police Department takes these allegations seriously and no one gets a pass on racist language,” Deputy Chief Marvin Wiggins told local newspaper The Sartre Start Wednesday morning. “He has been suspended with pay pending an investigation.”

By Thursday, the investigation was over and it was announced that Jones had been terminated.

“The n-word has no place in policing,” Wiggins says. “No matter who says it.”

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