Hillary Clinton Demands Special Presidential Election With HER As A Candidate


On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton made a completely unconsitutional demand during an interview with MSNBC about her controversial new book, “What Happened.”

The book will attempt to explain away the fact that Donald Trump stomped all over her like she was made of ants while also providing insight into the deranged mind of a career criminal. At least that is what we can assume, anyway.

“He’s unfit for office. They’re all corrupt,” Clinton said. “What the American people need is for us to wipe the slate clean. Hold a new election in November of next year. I’ll gladly run against Comrade Trump.”

Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that Trump simply be replaced is not only unconstitutional but it also manages to be so laughable that the prospect isn’t worth considering with any degree of seriousness.

Trump has done nothing wrong. The Russia “scandal” is completely invented by the media. Even James Comey has cleared President Trump of wrongdoing. There is no impeachment happening. There will be no impeachment.

DemoKKKrats need to give up and resign themselves to the fact that Donald Trump Won.

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