Hillary Clinton Caught On Hot Mic Trash Talking ‘That N****r Obama’

Hillary Clinton didn’t realize that her mic was hot earlier when she had a conversation with Katie Couric that she probably wishes she never had. Couric, when the show went to commercial, asked Clinton how she had been doing personally since the election.

Her response not only surprised Couric but also a booth technician named Myron Beetlethong. Beetlethong, who was listening curiously and recording for posterity, caught this:

“I’m not bad. That f*cking orange baboon stole my legacy and that n*gger Obama will make sure I’m forgotten. I’m just dandy. (notable, audible laughter.)”

Couric refused to continue the interview and when Clinton realized her red light was on, she immediately sent three of her goons to the sound booth. Beetlethong recalls his experience:

“They came in with official looking badges and demanded all of the sound and video footage. I told them it was property of CBS, but they insisted that since Clinton’s interview will never air that the network had no right to it. I tried to say no but they just pushed me aside and took what they wanted.”

When asked about the recording of Clinton being a racist, Myron said, “I heard what I heard and Ms. Couric heard it too. She had enough class to cancel the interview. Hopefully she comes forward and corroborates.”

CBS confirmed the interview was canceled but said it had nothing to do with any recording. Beetlethong has been fired for “starting nasty rumors.” Couric refuses to take calls on the matter.

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