Hillary Clinton BUSTED: Leaked Campaign Emails Show What She REALLY Thinks About Blacks


Democrats love to play the race card when it’s convenient but  as everyone knows, they simply view blacks as a means to an end to get elected as they promise them free stuff in exchange for their votes.

If you noticed, Hillary Clinton spent her entire campaign calling Donald Trump racist but newly-leaked campaign emails show who the real racist is.

In a message from Clinton’s campaign manager to Huma Abedin, it was made very clear that Hillary needs the blacks so badly that she was willing to do anything and everything – even lie – to get the blacks on her side.

“Hillary wants us to really push the black thing,” campaign manager Robert E. Mook said in the email. “She says that she needs all those useless n*ggers to fall in line if she’s going to beat Trump. I told her we will amp up welfare messaging and to quote LBJ, we’ll “have those n*ggers voting Democratic for 200 years.'”

“Sounds like a plan,” Abedin replied, adding “Let’s get on that ASAP.”

Previously, Clinton described blacks as “super predators,” a racist slur meant to paint them all as criminals while ignoring that there are good ones like Ben Carson and

THIS is the real Democrat party. They don’t care about blacks. They don’t want them off the plantation just like they didn’t want them off the plantation when they opposed freeing the slaves.


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