BREAKING: Malia Obama Goes On Drug-Induced RAMPAGE Right After Pot Arrest

This is NUTS!

Malia Obama may be out on bail after getting busted buying 6 pounds of marijuana from an ISIS-connected Chicago drug dealer, but that isn’t stopping her from having fun.

Once again, the former First Daughter attended the Lollapalooza music festival where she once again did a bunch of drugs. Last year, she was captured on camera dancing like a hoochie and smoking marijuana. This year, apparently harder drugs came into play.

Obama was caught on film dancing wildly and pretending to punch a friend after she fell on the ground. More footage shows Malia falling on the ground and writhing around wildly, slamming her fist into the ground.

“Cocaine,” said one person close to Malia – a one-word answer when she was asked about the bizarre behavior. Asked to elaborate, the friend said “Lots of coke. There’s no other way to explain it.”

If this allegation is correct, she absolutely violated the conditions of her bond.

Malia’s drug dealer recently “killed himself” in prison directly after he agreed to provide evidence that would implicate her father in the drug operation. It was previously discovered that much of the money he made from his ‘business’ was funneled to the Islamic State.

Watch video of it below:


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