Entitled Brat Malia Obama Just Slashed A Woman’s Tires For Asking For A Photo


On Saturday, a woman walked up to former President Barack Obama’s oldest daughter Malia outside a restaurant in Harvard Square in Cambridge with a simple request: a photograph for her granddaughter, who for some reason admires the drug-abusing little narcissist.

Unfortunately for grandma, this is Malia Obama we’re talking about as opposed to Donald Trump, who never shies away from a photo with a fan. Obama lashed out, telling the woman she was too busy (stuffing her face).

But the woman loves her granddaughter, so she waited until the Obama daughter was done with her super-important meal with one of her homies and attempted to snap a picture as Malia was leaving the restaurant.

“Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?” Malia snapped at the elderly woman, who caught it on camera:

But she wasn’t done there. Malia and her friend followed the woman to her car and slashed her left rear tire, according to a police report. “[The elderly woman, whose name is redacted in the report] says that Ms. Obama then ‘flipped the bird’ before storming off,'” the report says.

Not only did Obama’s daughter break an old woman’s heart simply for wanting a photo, but she damaged her property to boot.

This whole family is trash.

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