Democrat Senator Arrested After Threatening To Assassinate Donald Trump

'I'm going to kill him myself.'

A Democrat Senator from Hawaii is in deep, deep trouble after he made a very clear threat to the President’s life.

Rafiq Hasani was elected to his first term in office in November, but he has really caught on to this whole deep state kill the competition thing that seems to be popular with Democrats.

Hasani was scheduled to meet with the President on a jobs initiative on Monday, but that meeting has been postponed for up to however long Hasani’s prison term ends up being.

In  intercepted communications, the NSA discovered that Hasani was plotting to kill President Trump the moment he got close.

“I’m ready. Meeting’s next week and only one of us is walking away from it alive,” Hasani tweeted to his gay “husband” Peter McNamara last week. He went on, adding that President Trump’s “time on earth is done” and that he “won’t hurt anyone again.”

“For Allah,” the message concluded.

These chilling messages triggered a swift investigation into Hasani’s communications. The FBI discovered similar messages sent to “multiple of the Senator’s associates.”

Hasani was arrested Friday morning and taken to the Rutha Merkins State Penitentiary where he is currently being held without bail.

More information is expected as facts become known.

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