BREAKING: Trump Administration Prosecutes Reporter Who Published Leaked Info


President Trump has finally had enough of the liberal media’s attempts to smear his name. During his campaign, the President promised he would “open up libel laws” so that members of the media can face the music for their actions.

One so-called “journalist” is finding out quickly that helping leakers publish lies about our President isn’t the best use of her time. CNN’s Mishti Snodgrass thought it was all fun and games when someone emailed her some “inside information” — a conversation that allegedly occurred between Steve Bannon and Anthony Scaramucci — about the Trump administration, but when she published it the Justice Department was waiting.

Taking advantage of an obscure 1847 law prohibiting the media from spreading propaganda that helps America’s enemies “when the threat of terrorism looms,” Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department leaped into action, “almost immediately” announcing charges against the so-called “journalist.”

Snodgrass faces up to two years in prison as well as up to $400,000 in fines. CNN could also be fined up to $1.6 million.

“It’s time to get our media under control,” Sessions said in a statement Thursday. “No one is saying they don’t have the right to do their jobs, but they will no longer be putting America at risk when doing so.”

The administration is expected to target other journalists who publish leaks in the near future.

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