BREAKING: Toxicology Report Reveals Nancy Pelosi Had Cocaine In Her System

If you thought she must be on drugs, you were right!

Nancy Pelosi is currently in intensive care following a horrific car crash Sunday night after a town hall event in her home state.

After her driver took ill, Pelosi decided to drive herself home to her 5.6 million dollar mansion – a very unwise decision as she had been drinking the entire night.

Pelosi crashed her vehicle into a minivan carrying a family on their way home from church, injuring two children and killing the mother. Miraculously, the father escaped unscathed. Pelosi, who was not wearing her seatbelt, crashed through the windshield and slammed her head into the pavement.

Currently, she is slipping in and out of consciousness at St. Ulysses General Hospital where doctors made a shocking discovery: not only was her blood alcohol content more than four times the legal limit, but the toxicology report revealed that she also had large amounts of cocaine in her system.

Detective Marron Brown of theĀ East Los Angeles Police Department says that criminal charges are pending against Pelosi. On top of driving under the influence, she now faces drug charges. A search warrant for her home is also awaiting a judge’s signature.


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