BREAKING: Shark Mauls Woman On Houston Highway


There are many dangers associated with Hurricane Harvey, but one no one expected was the potential for shark attacks far inland. On Tuesday morning, emergency crews received a call that a woman had been mauled by a hammerhead shark on Interstate 45.

“It was the strangest call we have ever received,” 911 operator James Stevens told Texas news station KVTX. “The victim was a 37-year-old woman who was trying to leave town.”

The victim’s name was Stephanie Sherman, a youth pastor who worked as a campaign coordinator for Donald Trump during the 2016 election. Her husband and children managed to escape to the top of a vehicle that had been abandoned and were eventually airlifted out of the area.

As the waters continue to rise in Houston, officials are warning that shark attacks could be more likely. President Trump has promised to take action on the matter, deploying teams to exterminate any aquatic creatures who have made their way inland.

This isn’t the first attack by a sea creature. Multiple reports of residents being stung by jellyfish as they waded through the waters in various parts of Texas. But this is the first shark attack, and it will hopefully be the last.

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