BREAKING: President Trump Rushed To The Hospital After Getting Rammed With A Golf Cart


President Trump was enjoying a game of golf on Thursday when he hit the ball into a sand trap. When he went to retrieve it, a Black Lives Matter activist who managed to sneak into the Trump National Golf Course attacked.

Stephan Black presented false identification allowing him to gain entry, according to Secret Service spokeswoman Kelly Krystal. Once he was inside, Black hopped into a golf cart and drove around the green looking for President Trump, who he heard from news reports was golfing.

As Trump went to hit his ball out of the trap, Black drove his cart straight for the President. He managed to knock Trump down and was preparing to back over him when Secret Service agents came from all directions and tackled him.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee says that the President is “resting” after this horrific attack at the hands of a liberal terrorist thug. She says he suffered three broken ribs and a fractured tibia, but “the President is committed to America and will be hard at work from his hospital bed.”

Black was arrested and charged with attempting to assassinate the President after openly telling investigators “I was hopin’ to kill the f*cker.”

He faces life in prison without parole.

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