BREAKING: Obama Brought In For Questioning Over Ties To Barcelona Terrorist

Traitor in Chief and supporter of Muslims Barack Obama was brought in for questioning at the Hoover FBI Complex in Washington DC this morning for questioning about his ties to the Barcelona terrorist. A story arose yesterday about the mass murderer being Obama’s first cousin and visiting the White House.

Now, according to Supervisory Special Agent Manny Mannsfield, the FBI wants to know more:

“This man was brought to Washington DC seven years ago with his 7th-grade class from Pakistan. Obama set that up. We need to know what kind of relationship they had and if Obama ever gave him any financial support. Family support is one thing, but if there’s a large transfer of cash anywhere, there will be issues.”

Obama, who has always believed he was above the law, snuck into the building using an underground garage. He is said to have spent more than three hours in the building, waving to people who recognized him along the way with a smile.

When you’re a ruthless dictator who spends his time in office setting up a shadow government to globalize America after you leave, you can lie through your teeth and smile at the takers all day long. They got you where you are anyway.

We will certainly keep you updated on this developing story.

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