BREAKING: New Study Reveals CNN Produces 46% Of All Fake News

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Donald Trump has been warning us, but a new study from the Wermbacher-Stallins Institute reveals he was 100 percent right about CNN being fake news.

The study analyzed 5,730 news clips and fact checked them. Fox News was lying 12% of the time, ABC 26%, NBC 33%, MSNBC 44%, and CNN leading the pack at 46%.

“More statements made on CNN than any other network were simply untrue,” explained Flemington University’s lead agronomist, Dr. Herman Schneider-Holmes, who headed up the study.

“By contrast, Fox News did the best job of informing its viewers by far,” he added. “Other networks should look at these results and make drastic changes as soon as possible.”

There’s nothing we can do to force unethical so-called journalists like the people at CNN to tell the truth but we are very fortunate to have a President we can count on to be honest with us 100% of the time.

It’s time for Congress to enact laws forcing news agencies to be honest and bias-free. If they can’t tell the truth then they can’t be in business.

It’s time to make journalism great again!

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