BREAKING: New Bill Clinton Rape Allegations Surface

Liberals love to worship the Clinton, especially serial rapist Bill, who was expelled from Oxford in 1969 for raping a 19-year-old classmate and who went on to rape numerous other women during his political career.

Now, yet another woman has accused the liberal hero of raping her – Hillary Clinton’s third cousin, Sharon Beadle. In a lawsuit filed Thursday Beadle says that while the Clintons were in town during his wife’s 2016 campaign, the male half of the criminal duo took her out drinking. After she was incoherent from a shot contest, 22-year-old Beadle says he “dragged” her out by a dumpster behind the Laughing Raccoon Pub in Little Rock where he had his way with her.

“My client couldn’t stay silent any longer,” says Beadles attorney, Miles Morales. “She did her best to keep things under wraps during the campaign, but after months of therapy she needs closure.”

Beadle is suing Bill Clinton for an undisclosed amount of money, though she says that nothing can remove what memory she has of being touched in that manner by scumbag Bill Clinton.

Give him hell, Sharon! Give him hell.

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