BREAKING: Muslim Congressman Tops List Of Democrats On ‘Montana Madame’s’ Preferred Customer Roster

Shalam Sheik al Kalalil, a Moslem immigrant from Dearborn, Michigan, is on the top of the list of Democrats in Congress who have been forced to resign over the “Montana Madame” scandal. Kalalil, who got his citizenship by marrying Shirley Haffner, the Congresswoman who died last year in a tragic car accident. Her husband took her seat and won re-election easily in November.

Now, we find out that al Kalalil was not only a customer of Madame Mellissa McGillicuddy; he was a preferred client. He paid more than $100K a year to be flown to Madame M’s private ranch in Montana for nights of debauchery, sometimes 3 and 4 in a row:

“According to her plea deal, Madame M will reveal that al Kalalil spent multiple long weekend and an entire week once, sometimes in the company of more than a dozen women. Madame M says he liked them so young they had to show ID before he’d touch them. Nothing under 18, but 18 and one minute was in play “tail” as he called it.”

This disgusting pagan doesn’t belong helping to decide on the laws of the United States, even if he is from a place where there are a ton of Moslems. It’s not like they’re citizens who can vote. What difference does it make what they think?

al Kalalil joins ten other prominent Democrats in resigning.

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