BREAKING: Malia Obama’s ISIS-Funding Drug Dealer ‘Kills Himself’ In Prison

What did he know?

Hours after agreeing to a plea deal, former First Daughter Malia Obama’s drug dealer, who was busted selling her more than 6 lbs. of pot last week, turned up dead in his jail cell.

While authorities are interested in why Malia loaded up on a “seller’s quantity” of marijuana just before beginning her first year at Harvard, what interests them more is the fact that the money she spent was most likely going to be funneled directly to ISIS.

Rahim al-Rahim, a man formerly known as Samuel B. Johnson before he converted to Islam and joined the Muslim Brotherhood in prison before he was released under Barack Obama’s clemency decrees that loaded the streets up with convicted drug dealers, was found to have used a business he owned to send much of his ill-gotten gains to groups that fund the Islamic State, FBI officials confirmed on Saturday.

Sunday morning, al-Rahim agreed to provide information about his benefactors and, perhaps more importantly, about the Obamas and their relation to him in exchange for a light sentence. After he provided some of the information he had as a show of good faith, prosecutors eagerly took the deal.

Just two hours later, he was found dead in his cell hanging from the ceiling. Investigators are trying to determine what happened.

At first glance, it appears he committed suicide – an unlikely scenario since he was just given the deal of a lifetime and would barely serve any time at all. He would even be allowed to keep $2 million of his personal funds once he was released.

“The information he had to give about former President Barack Obama was chilling,” prosecutor Jake Smith said after news broke of al-Rahim’s death. “It’s too early to say what happened, but we will get to the bottom of this.”

Malia Obama is currently out on bail and faces up to five years in jail.

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