BREAKING: Malia Obama Caught Smoking Weed In Her Dorm, Faces Suspension


It really didn’t take long, did it? Shortly after having her suspension from Harvard overturned and her drug ¬†charges mysteriously dropped after ¬†she got busted buying six pounds (with a “P”) of marijuana from a Chicago drug dealer.

On Thursday night, some social media users reported hearing some interesting chatter on the police scanner – specifically, Harvard campus safety discussing finding “two African-American females and one white male” in the Stanley P. Hollingsworth dormitory.

The first two, Shantae Jackson and Billy Halderman III, are run-of-the-mill students at the school. The third name, however, was “Malia Obama.”

Police confiscated a joint, a gram of marijuana, and a handgun from the trio.

“Harvard has a very strict no-drugs policy,” Michelle Obama biographer Ismael Raheem told Fox News. “It’s very likely that she will probably get kicked off campus if not expelled outright.”

For now, the school is considering an expulsion while they deliberate on if a harsher punishment is needed. The Student Board of Ethics meets Monday to discuss whether Malia will be permitted to remain at the school.

Malia Obama is becoming a danger to our society. That entire family needs to find God before it’s too late.

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