BREAKING: Investigators Find New Seth Rich Text Messages, He Feared For His Life!


If there was ever any question that Seth Rich was murdered not during a random robbery but to keep him quiet after the DNC and Hillary discovered he had blabbed to WikiLeaks, new text messages uncovered from a secret cell phone he kept in a removable portion of his wall remove any remaining doubt.

In texts to a friend who has not yet been identified because he was also using a “burner phone,” Rich showed that he was becoming increasingly paranoid about every interaction with members of the DNC.

“I feel like they’re watching me,” Rich said shortly after removing the emails and other files he gave to WikiLeaks, according to Breitbart. “It’s like they know.”

Another message sent a few days later notes that Rich had noticed a “suspicious vehicle across the street.” He mentions the vehicle – a 2016 Mazda – seven more times over the course of two weeks.

Rich also notes a week before he was murdered that “I feel like someone has been in my place dude. I don’t notice anything specific that has been moved, but I feel like things have been moved around and put back.”

These bombshell texts are, according to Trey Gowdy, enough to open a new investigation into Hillary Clinton – this time for her involvement in rich’s murder.

“I think we’ve got her this time,” Gowdy told Fox News. “We’ve finally got her.”

God bless him, I hope he’s right.

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