BREAKING: Hot Air Balloon Found, Hillary Clinton And Grandkids Still Missing

The hunt is still on for Hillary Clinton and her two grandkids, Jamie and Evelyn, after the hot air balloon they were in lost it’s Kinutee flaps and floated into a storm. It appears the pilot made an emergency landing, but there is no sign of anyone near the landing site. Nebraska State Police Captain Milford Lewis told reporters:

“We don’t know why they would have left the craft, but it seems whatever they were thinking now has them lost in the Kimewathah National Forest. Until we find some evidence of trauma or foul play we’re going to assume everyone is alright.”

The Secret Service says Clinton was traveling with a pair of agents, one of whom was on the ground and the other in the balloon. There has been no contact with anyone on the balloon in nearly two hours as of the writing of this article..

The weather in Northeastern Nebraska is expected to increasingly decline into torrential summer thunderstorms so authorities are hoping to find the party quickly. All told there are 7 people missing. The families of the other 3 people are already looking for answers.

Thoughts and prayers to them. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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