BREAKING: Harriet Tubman’s Great Granddaughter RAVAGES Liberals Attacking Trump Over Treatment Of Blacks


Liberals have been calling Donald Trump a racist an an effort to destroy him, something that has only made him stronger as more and more supporters have rallied to his side, but their narrative just got crushed as the great granddaughter of civil rights hero Harriet Tubman spoke out against their lies.

“Harriet Tubman was everything this country should be, and the political Left has been abusing her legacy for far too long,” Sarah Tubman said in a statement regarding the recent attacks by the FAKE NEWS media. “It’s time for us to all be Americans regardless of color. Racism isn’t as big a problem as it was in my great grandma’s time, and we need to come together as a country now more than ever.”

“Donald Trump is bringing us together,” she said. “Let’s get behind him and give him a chance.”

Wow, and this is from a figure who descended from someone liberals want to put on the $20 dollar bill.

Tubman, who just donated $2.3 million to hurricane relief efforts headed by Joel Osteen’s church, says she wants us to stop worrying about black and white and worry about “American or not” instead.

We should follow this amazing woman’s example and focus on AMERICA FIRST!

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