BREAKING: Five-Year Audit Reveals A Mountain Of Gold Missing From Obama’s Treasury

A physical audit of the United States Treasury takes place every five years. That means somebody goes and looks at how much money was minted, how much exited circulation and then does a physical count of all of the nation’s precious metals.

“Precious metals” include those used for coining and bronzing as well as wealth stores of silver, gold and platinum. This year’s audit revealed that nearly $100 million in gold reserves were transferred from Fort Biscayne in the Sacopee Valley to…nowhere. Chief Auditor Lester D. Dabettah explained what happened to Fox News:

“A train carrying a load of solid gold bars from the US Treasury never arrived…anywhere…because technically it never existed. Someone very high up, possibly at the executicve level, eliminated the train from existence and removed its contents from the national inventory. Unfortunately, the five-year inventory is non-partisan and doesn’t care about causing ‘scandals.’

The blame for this has to fall solely on Barack Obama. The train to nowhere left the station on his watch. There is no record of where it went, but there is a record of $97 Million in gold being loaded onto it. Somebody has to answer for that.”

Even though everyone knows he probably won’t ever see a consequence to his actions, at least the people who refused for so long to listen will have a rude awakening. Maybe his “hero” status among liberals will go away.

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