BREAKING: Democrat Operative Arrested for Hacking Voting Machines, Changing Votes

President Trump’s probe into voter fraud has turned up a lot of evidence, but the worst was uncovered at the end of last month, Fox News now reports.

According to the FBI, a computer hacker calling himself Sk33zy hacked into voting machine software in New Hampshire, Delaware, and Vermont, changing potentially hundreds of thousands of votes from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton.

Sk33zy, whose name is withheld because of the ongoing investigation, is reportedly a 32-year-old male  from Dearborn, Michigan. He reportedly used a similar method to the one used by hackers at a recent convention when they broke into voting machines in a matter of minutes.

Past that, authorities are keeping information close to the chest.

Recently, it was announced that millions of votes were, as President Trump says, completely fake – enough so that the real numbers mean a Donald Trump popular vote win.

“This is a vindication of what Donald Trump has said from day one,” said vice President Mike Pence, who leads the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. “Hillary Clinton lost the popular vote.”

How low will the Left go to seize and maintain power? We have not seen the basement yet, but I pray that God is there for us when we do.

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