BREAKING: Black Trump Supporter Hospitalized After Saving Drowning Kitten From Flood Waters


Last November, a man by the name of Harvey Brown of Galveston, Texas gave an impassioned speech at one of President Trump’s campaign rallies in which he called for ALL Americans of all races and creeds to come together and make America great again.

“It’s not black or white or brown or red or even polka-dot,” Brown said to applause from the 200,000 in attendance. “It’s about being an American. Looking out for your fellow man. We all worship the same God, we all breathe the same air, and we damn sure all shouldn’t let the racist Left divide us!”

He really meant those words. On Sunday, Brown was hospitalized after he risked his life to save a kitten he saw being swept away by the hurricane flood in Houston.

Ever since the storm began, Brown has been sleeping in his car, getting up early and going to bed late helping people evacuate their homes. On Sunday, he personally helped more than 40 people get out of their homes and to safety and hosted multiple prayer groups with hurricane victims.

His efforts helped many innocent people find safety, but he may be remembered most for when he risked his life to save a drowning kitten. Brown saw the animal just as it went underwater, unable to keep afloat any longer. So he did what any good Christian would – he dove right in to save it.

Unfortunately, it took Mr. Brown quite some time to find and get ahold of the feline. He managed to swim to what passes for a shore right now in Houston with the kitten in his hands, but promptly collapsed.

Brown was rushed to the hospital – he nearly drowned saving the tiny animal – where he is currently recovering. His wife decided to adopt the animal and name it “Lucky.”

“I feel like God sent Lucky to us,” says Sharon Brown. “My husband is a good man, and this little kitty will have a great home with us.”

Fortunately, doctors say there will be no long-term injuries. Brown tells local news station WXTX that he’ll be “right back out there as long as God allows it.”

Please pray for him!

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