BREAKING: Bill Clinton Caught With A New Mistress, Hillary Is Flipping Out


Bill Clinton is at it again cheating on Hillary! On Monday, a new photo of Bill smooching on a lady surfaced on Twitter.

The picture was taken at the San Damonico Regional Airport in New Mexico, where Clinton was giving a paid speech and further lining his bank account with a cool $250,000.

It’s uncertain as of yet who this mystery woman is, but for some reason Clinton was caught smooching her by the baggage claim terminal – something that probably doesn’t make Hillary very happy at all.

The woman is described by witnesses as being about 21 years old, white, and she was seen wearing a L.A. Lakers jacket. When Clinton noticed people looking, he quickly ended the kiss and walked to the restroom. The woman left the airport.

What is Bill up to now? How could any woman support him after all the females he has raped over the years?

Calls to Hillary and Bill Clinton’s offices for comment were not immediately returned, but sources say that Hillary Clinton was seen throwing things and screaming “like a banshee” following a Washington Post journalist’s call about her husband’s latest tryst.

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