BREAKING: Bill Clinton Caught On Camera With New Mistress


Bill Clinton was caught last week once again proving that even a disgusting man who has frequented a billionaire pedophile’s private island to do God-knows-what more than a dozen times doesn’t want to touch Hillary Clinton.

The male half of the crime duo was photographed at a club in SoHo with his latest in a long string of affairs and rapes – a much younger woman. Clinton and his female counterpart were seen by witnesses having a “good number of drinks” according to a bartender at the Sleek Lounge. While her identity is yet unknown, some patrons recall Clinton calling his lady friend “Cassandra” or “Cassie” in his typical Arkansas drawl.

The two left the bar at 2:30 a.m. staggering and laughing and got into an Uber. As they got into the vehicle, Clinton was seen playfully smacking her on the rear.

It’s unclear what happened after that, but we can pretty well imagine it (not that we would want to imagine it).

Bill Clinton has been accused of rape by numerous women over the years, and it’s likely that this will not stop anytime soon if he continues to spend his days trying to get his willie “slick.”

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