BREAKING: Alex Jones’ Death Ruled A Murder

Alex Jones was murdered, according to Lancaster County Coroner Jeffrey Wales:

“Mr. Jones was stabbed through the ear canal with an ice pick, which was then broken off and left in place to control the blood splatter. It wasn’t until I pulled the object out that blood and brain fluid gushed everywhere. The killer knew exactly what he was doing.”

Investigators now have the huge task of sifting through the life of Alex Jones to find out which one of his enemies wanted him dead the most. The office pool here at LOTF puts the blame squarely on Hillary Clinton.

The mainstream media is refusing to cover Jones’ death. A friend at Fox News told us that the death of Alex Jones will need to be confirmed by “trusted sources” before a national news outlet will report it:

“Right now we have to piece together if this is actually happening or if Alex Jones is playing some sort of game. It wouldn’t be the first time.”

LOTF correspondent Cynthia Luwhoe, who interviewed Wales, says she saw the body personally and that if it wasn’t Alex Jones, somebody went pretty far to make it look like him. His assistant, who was there when he died, says she’s not surprised it was murder and that she now has to get her “go bag” and disappear like she and Alex had always planned:

“It won’t be as adventurous alone, but I’m no longer safe with Alex gone.”

The entire InfoWars staff is expected to follow suit and leave the country. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


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