BREAKING: Al Sharpton Is Dead

Ding dong...

It may seem like it’s too good to be true, but news just came across the wire that rabid race-baiter and anti-white racist Al Sharpton is finally dead.

According to the Lakeshire Times, Sharpton’s home newspaper, 62-year-old Sharpton passed away during a routine trip to the bathroom early Saturday morning. His heart seized and he was unable to make it to the phone. Sharpton was discovered on the floor by his daughter, Dominique, later in the morning.

“We ask that people respect our family’s privacy as we learn to cope with the loss of a true American hero, my father Al Sharpton,” the Sharpton daughter said in a statement. “He dedicated his life to ensuring that people of all races can live in harmony and I would like to think that because of him, we’re a few steps closer.”

In reality, Sharpton spent his career as a race-baiter widening the gap between blacks and white people.

It’s never good to speak ill of the dead, but some people deserve it – Adolf Hitler, for example, is a dead person who deserves it. So is Sharpton.

Ding dong, the trash is dead.

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