‘Black Lives Matter’ Thug Shot Dead After Throwing A Bottle At President Trump


President Trump had a great rally Tuesday evening in Phoenix, Arizona. Once again, he gathered Americans of all races and creeds together to talk about making America great again.

While the majority showed up to have a peaceful celebration of American values, there are always a few bad eggs who try to stink everything up. In this case, one of the “bad eggs” – an African-American man wearing a “Hands up don’t shoot” t-shirt and sagging jeans – threw a full grape Fanta bottle at the President as he spoke to the crowd of 50,000.

The man, identified as Hakeem Phillips from New York City, was then tackled by multiple members of the crowd. Then, he tried to reach for a concealed weapon a member of the crowd had on him.

An eagle-eyed African-American Secret Service agent who was making her way to the President saw the attacker reaching for a gun and made a split-second decision to shoot him three times in the chest, killing him from more than 50 yards away. No one else was harmed thanks to her actions.

Phillips was a prominent figure at New York Black Lives Matter riots according to his Facebook, which has now been taken down. His final post criticized the President for being “an orange-ass clown mother[expletive deleted] who ain’t got no GAME.”

The deceased terrorist went on to say that he “got a present for that [expletive deleted].”

The secret Service is looking into if Phillips had accomplices or if he simply traveled hundreds of miles to attack the President.

A search of his vehicle turned up two semi-automatic handguns with the serial numbers filed off, the business card of a NAACP lawyer, and a large quantity of PCP.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.

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