Barack Obama Released His Daughter’s Drug Dealer From Prison In 2015

Curiouser and curiouser...

On Saturday, the story broke that Malia Obama had been busted with 6 lbs. of marijuana and a bunch of weed-infused “edibles.” According to Chicago police, this is a “seller’s quantity” – a fact that may lose her not only her scholarship and admission to Harvard but may land her in prison for years.

Obama was observed entering a Chicago residence with a large black man who got into her car a few blocks over after she flashed her headlights on the street corner. Officers identified this as a common signal used in drug purchases and leaped into action as she was leaving the residence of 47-year-old Samuel B. Johnson.

Johnson’s name won’t be familiar to most, but he was among Obama’s releases of druggies via his mass clemency program that released “nonviolent” drug dealers from prison.

Johnson was serving 20 years for cocaine and marijuana dealing in the mid-90s. Why Obama, leader of the “Choom Gang” in college while he was still known as Barry Soetoro, thought it was safe to put him back on the streets is anyone’s guess but now Johnson is going to go back to prison after cops found what they did in Malia’s oversized Gucci handbag.

Busted alongside Malia and Johnson were six other men who are expected to be charged with anything from possession to intent to distribute. Malia faces some pretty serious charges and years in prison because of the amount she had in her purse.

Why is Malia Obama buying drugs off a man her dad released from prison. How much does Barack Obama know about this operation? Chicago police say they are investigating his role because he personally decided to release Johnson from prison.

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