ANTIFA Elects Obama’s Mullah Their New Leader

The domestic terrorist organization known as ANTIFA has been trying to legitimize itself by registering with the federal government as an “activist group” and holding elections for officers. Earlier today, the group’s membership — which tops 125K angry alt-lefties — voted to put Jo Ray al Salim, Barack Obama’s Muslim spiritual advisor, at the head of the snake.

Al Salim, who is well-known for his violence during his “community organizing” days in Chicago while at Occidental College with Barry Soetoro, has vowed to make the “miserable Trump administration even more miserable.” Correspondent Cynthia Luwhoe caught up with al Salim outside a mosque in Skokie:

“You people don’t make any sense. You cakll us commies and fascists and alt-left. ANTIFA is short for ‘anti-fascists.’ That used to be America’s default setting. Now we have to declare it? Your fathers and grandfathers who stormed the beaches at Normandy would roll over in their graves if they knew you were advocating for Nazis.

Nazis threaten our very existence. Once they threaten yours, come and see us. Until then, stay out of the way.”

They sure do know how to spin taking away someone’s Constitutional right to free speech, don’t they? If they wanted to march down the street and shout stupid things peacefully we’d let them, wouldn’t we? Liberals are just ignorant and now this Muslim terrorist is their official leader.

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