N Korea Retaliates For Kim Jong Un Assassination, Trump Shoots Missile Out Of The Sky

Kim Jong Un was assassinated overnight by a sniper a mile away in an act of international aggression the North Koreans immediately blamed on “Western aggression” and Donald Trump specifically. The youngest of the Kims. Kim Li Suk, has taken over at just 11-years-old, ordering an immediate attack on the United States.

The attack came in the form of a long-range ballistic missile with an estimated 30K pound conventional warhead aimed at Juno, Alaska. It would have wiped half the town off the map had it not been for Trump’s quick authorization to use the THAAD4 missile defense system.

THAAD, which stands for terminal high altitude area defense, sends a missile into the stratosphere to await an incoming ICMB. It then uses infrared and thermal imaging to identify and target the threat, speeding off at 17K mph to deliver a kick of kinetic energy that reduces incoming missiles to rubble, hitting their “sweet spot” to ensure nuclear devices don’t detonate.

North Koreas cute little missile was like a plaything for THAAD, which left little more than a flash of light in the pre-dawn sky over Alaska. Irregardless of the failure, the fact still remains that North Korea committed an act of war against the United States. President Trump reminded them that our offensive weapons are even more impressive than our defensive weapons by destroying the recreational facilities at the Presidential Palace with a single Tomahawk from 300 miles away.

Hopefully, Bush and Obama are paying attention. THIS is how you deal with a foreign threat when you have the strongest military the world has ever known.

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